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About Us

Our story is dedicated to transitioning the world into clean energy. 


Founded by entrepreneurs Sudeep Aditya and Ricky Tyler in 2022, Pan Asia Clean Energy (PACE) is a Clean Energy Development Platform spanning projects across Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Solar, Carbon Credits Trading and ESG Finance. 


With a portfolio spread across Asia from West Asia (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman) to South Asia (India) to South East Asia (Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia), we bring Capital to Purpose, marrying Engineering & Development skills to Sustainability and a Clean, Green tomorrow.

"People worry that gas prices are high and how they are affecting their pocket book. But they want to know about renewable energy. People are really starting to question things, and that's made people look to the future in a positive way." ~ Michael Franti

Our Mission

Investing to strengthen energy security

and reach net zero

A key question is what today’s energy crisis means for fossil fuel investments if we are still to achieve our collective climate goals. Are today’s sky-high fossil fuel prices a signal to invest in additional supply or a further reason to invest in alternatives?

In the IEA’s landmark Roadmap to Net Zero Emission by 2050 published in May 2021, the analysis indicated that a massive surge in investment in renewables, energy efficiency and other clean energy technologies could drive declines in global demand for fossil fuels on a scale that would as a result require no investment in new oil and gas fields.

The need for this clean energy investment surge is greater than ever today. As the IEA has repeatedly stated, the key solution to today’s energy crisis – and to get on track for net zero emissions – is a dramatic scaling up of energy efficiency and clean energy.

Our Vision

The repercussions of

today’s turmoil

The higher near-term emissions we are witnessing today have serious consequences for our efforts to meet our climate goals. They need to be compensated for through even greater emissions reductions in the coming decades to remain within the stringent emissions budgets required to reach net zero by 2050.


Today’s crisis risks passing an even larger environmental challenge to our younger and future generations – and it is imperative that we strive to make the additional burden as light as possible rather than adding to it.

The extraordinary financial windfall for the oil and gas sector from today’s high prices could provide a major boost to clean energy investment. Global net income from oil and gas production in 2022 is anticipated to be nearly $2 trillion higher than in 2021 and two-and-a-half times the average of the past five years, according to new IEA analysis for our World Energy Investment 2022 report that will be published in June.

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