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Solar Asset Services

Pan Asia Clean Energy ( provides solar asset services that transition you from your current energy source to clean energy. We provide a Zero Capex solution that provides sustainability through green energy and ensures energy savings from the start. 

We provide both open access and closed access solar asset solutions. 

"There is no justifiable reason why our electricity, heating and cooling and transportation needs aren't powered by 100 percent renewable energy."

Deb Haaland, USA Interior Secretary


We provide our clients with the option of either ground mounted solar projects, roof mounted solar projects (metal & concrete) and car/bus roof mounted solar projects. These are closed access solar projects and are normally upto 3 MWp. For energy projects larger than 3 MWp, we provide open access solar farms upto 500 MWp. Our services are directed towards the private and public sectors.

Energy Projects Delivered by our Partners. 

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